Il giorno più bello del mondo

Arturo Meraviglia is a manager of a music hall now in decline. The sudden news of an unexpected inheritance left to him by a distant uncle, seems to reawaken in him some hope. With this money he could pay back his debts and relaunch his business. But the mysterious legacy Arturo receives turns out to be an unbelievable surprise: it is actually the custody of two children, Rebecca and Gioele. More troubles arise but, after the first turbulent moments of coexistence, Arturo discovers that Gioele has got amazing telekinesis powers! The magic performed by the kid seems to be the key to solve Arturo’s problems and the only way to save him from the meltdown. But the little illusionist’s talent is noticed by a team of sketchy scientists, who want to use the kid as a test subject in their lab in order to find out what’s behind his great skills. Helped by funny and scrappy friends and a beautiful researcher, Arturo will fight back to protect Gioele, restore his music hall and live... The most beautiful day in the world.


Vision Distribution
DIRECTOR Alessandro Siani
YEAR 2019

Alessandro Siani
Stefania Spampinato
Giovanni Esposito
Sara Ciocca
Leone Riva
Vision Distribution
Il giorno più bello del mondo